Client Testimonials.

Read what it’s like to take one of our courses.

Client Testimonials.

Read what it’s like to take one of our courses.

They are engaging, extremely knowledgeable and empathetic.

I’ve sat through several courses in my time and I can honestly say, Graspp Fitness are second to none. They are engaging, extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. They know exactly how to get the best out of people and go above and beyond to ensure you understand everything needed.

They genuinely want you to walk away feeling like you’re a subject matter expert. From my own personal perspective, my business is doing well because I was taught by Graspp Fitness, end of story!

Lee Grant
IT Specialist to Personal Trainer

Before entering the fitness industry, I believed achieving my level 3 in personal training would teach me all I needed to know about how to start training clients. I was very greatly mistaken.

After signing up with one of the lead providers in the UK for level 3 personal training courses, I quickly received the pre-reading material which I assumed would be entry level information that would supplement the more in-depth theory and some practical learning.

I will say that the pre-reading material was an excellent learning platform and explained all the subjects with great detail. However, upon starting the course I quickly realised that the lecturer was just going through the pre reading material at a much slower rate as the class had a very mixed ability. I quickly became bored as I was eager to dig deeper into these subjects but was given very little 1-2-1 time with my tutor as he was overstretched helping others.

By the end of the course I felt no more confident about training clients than I did before it started; even after passing the practical, which was very easy and didn’t mirror a true session. I was given no suggestions on people to follow in the industry, no reading material, basically nothing to continually develop me into a top personal trainer.

Then I discovered Graspp Fitness. I was a bit dubious at first, especially after my experience with college, but I would follow them on Instagram and their articles were always packed full of actionable advice and sound, science-based knowledge.

I decided to go for it and I’m very glad I did. I had my specific questions answered in a clear and simplified manner by experienced coaches. I was shown how to structure and run through a full session, how to program and the best templates to use.

I cannot fully express how much this has helped me, the results speak for themselves. Before, I was struggling to build a good client base and felt anxious and unsure during sessions; since being mentored by the guys at Graspp I am now thriving with a portfolio of 20 clients, I have reached the top tier of personal trainer in a leading UK Health Club and I have gained so much confidence on what to deliver and how it benefits my clients.

To sum up: If you are looking to become a personal trainer, Graspp is the way to do it.

Joe Camilleri
Personal Trainer

I highly recommend this to all new Personal Trainers because I know you’ll be feeling the same way as me; like a small fish in a big pond.

Recently I did a mentorship with day with Alex from Graspp Fitness. Right off I just want to say ‘Amazing’! Being a newbie Personal Trainer, my confidence was low. Spending the time with Alex and learning new skills has made me feel – I can do this!

I highly recommend this to all new Personal Trainers because I know you’ll be feeling the same way as me; like a small fish in a big pond.  Knowledge is power and having the right tools will help you build with confidence.

tammy personal trainer testimonial photo

Tammy Marsden
Personal Trainer

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