Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

OUR FlagShip course & your best start to a successful career in fitness!

Course Overview

Once registered for our Diploma we will take you all of the way from an unqualified enthusiast, to a fully-fledged Personal Trainer. Due to the way our course is structured, you will also achieve the higher educational accolade of ‘Diploma’.

A wise man once said ‘You do not need to read all of the books, you simply need to find a person who has and have a conversation with them‘. We truly believe this.

The Diploma will cover both Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer Qualifications, which include:

  • Completing 2 Portfolio’s of Evidence (1 per level)
  • Passing 4 Multiple Choice Theory Papers (2 per level)
  • Completing 2 Practical Observations taking client’s around a gym (1 observation per level)

Contact Days:

Those enrolled on this course are eligible for 4 x 6-hour contact days (2 per level) in order to guide and assist learning throughout your qualifications.

Learning can include but is not limited to; periodisation & programming, managing a large client base, methods of client assessment, effective coaching, training technique, diary management, client acquisition, corrective exercise and many more. It’s your day, use it how you wish!

Entry Requirements:

A passion for learning and a relative level of fitness.

Qualification Achieved:

L3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing & Personal Training

Course Price:


Any questions please call us on: 0203 925 2822​


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