Graspp Fitness Staffing Structure and Roles & Responsibilities of the Team

Explanation of current staffing structure

Currently, with 3 tutor / assessors, 1 still completing his course. Craig Peterson and Alex Dorrington will be the primary course tutor & assessors for all learners. I (Alex Dorrington) will then be the centre IV, except when I am tutoring & assessing, Martin Johnson will then be called in to IV my work. When our other staff are qualified, the teaching & assessing will split between both Luke Sale & Craig Peterson with Alex Dorrington being the centre IV.

Centre Contact – Alex Dorrington

External Verifier – Sarah Bolitho

Internal Verifier – Alex Dorrington, Martin Johnson

Assessor – Alex Dorrington / Craig Peterson / Luke Sale

Tutors – Alex Dorrington / Craig Peterson / Luke Sale


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