I posted the above Henry Rollins Quote a few weeks back on social media. 

I don’t care if It has lots of likes, or ever If I have lots of followers. It’s a tool I can learn from and make a difference with… Not a drug.

To make an actual difference to one person, to actually help them remember they are beautiful, strong and imperfectly perfect…  This is the real reason we should try and affect each other.

That’s worth a million tiny hits of dopamine.

Sadly though, unfortunately, we are living in a dopamine-driven circuit. In which the short blasts, the instant gratification, sends bursts of pleasure into our minds. We are becoming hard-wired to accept small rewards. That’s why these articles will be read by fewer and fewer, and over time will have to become shorter and shorter. The soul is being trimmed away, the contentment and passions being replaced by the fast fix. I write this with a smile as I know that I have to keep it short, otherwise the reader just plugs back in…

I’m all for leaning out our lives, removing the outer shell, trimming away the fat that guards our souls. This is why exercise is so important. Why it’s so deeply etched into our beings. Physicality is limited, you will not always be able to express it in the way you can today. Perhaps some of you reading can’t, or think you can’t, express it in the way you used to. We must take the steps to make the most of the vessel that carries us while we are here, love it and use it well.

Being stronger, more mobile, fitter and more agile to the best of our abilities, is one of best things you can do to connect to yourself, it tears down the walls we put up, it frees us!

And the quote? 

Simply put, no matter what happens, no matter what pulls and pushes your life in different directions. some things are always the same. He uses a number, 200 pounds of weight. But the number doesn’t really matter.

You will change in so many uniquely different ways. But as the earth turns, gravity locks somethings down. You can always be reminded of your mortality, and you can always be humbled by the load. When you are lost, it will find you.

I always hated running. But now I know why we run. When you are moving swiftly, and you reach a flow state where you stop concentrating on the pace and the breathing… Then is when you outrun your demons.

When things are turbulent and stormy, the small progressions on a barbell or a kettlebell ground you. We were built to work, move, and be free of a huge percentage of the traps of the modern world. This is why exercise and progression are so important. The further we homogenise and move away from the source of what we are supposed to be, the harder it will be to return.

This is what we need to slowly install into the fitness industry. It’s not about transformations, or measurements, or weight. It’s about reconnecting with the person lost underneath. Getting someone to optimise their life brings all the things a transformation challenge and a tape measure represent, but its done the right way… These changes won’t wash away.

Some people will turn up a nose. Give it a few years, they will understand. We can liberate not only those we coach but ourselves. Stop a minute, unplug, breathe, feel the weight, or watch the world pass as you run… Connect the body with the soul.

The most deeply spiritual connections are made through movement and touch. You can connect to those you love and desire… And connect with something that pushes you to find your flow.

Save yourself the hours of meditation – I’ve just done it for you.

Don’t wait. Time is always running out.

Be stronger,

Coach Fletch.

Author - Fletcher Dalrymple - Personal Trainer & Mentor

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