Mentor Days

why waste hour after hour in the gym guessing you’re doing the right thing… Learn from the pro’S!


Available to all. Whether you have been in the industry for years, recently qualified as a fitness professional or are simply a highly motivated fitness enthusiast; we guarantee there is no quicker way of learning your craft, myth busting the fitness fads and optimising your time and training, for yourself and others, than with a mentor day with a Graspp Fitness Professional.


  • 6 hours of mentoring with one of the UK’s top Personal Trainers
  • Optimise your time spent in the gym, programming or training clients
  • HUGE benefits to all of those around you
  • More comprehensive and personalised than you will find anywhere else in the fitness world
  • Learning tailored around you
  • Available to everyone.

Select a location for this course. You can either choose Graspp Chelmsford or your own location. Please note we are only able to travel 50 miles from Chelmsford or central London.

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Any questions please call us on: 01621 333 358


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If you want to make a genuine difference to people’s lives and to accumulate valuable skills to look after yourself, your family and those around you, surpassing all fitness fads and common myths whilst creating a successful business in the process – then we've written this book just for you!


"This book is great!!! Especially for someone like me who has just started out in the PT World. It’s full of useful information. The thing I’ve taken away most from this book is the diary planning. This is key and something which I am still working on." - Chris, Newly Qualified PT


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