The Most Important Asset That You’re Under-Using

Learn how to unlock the full potential of the mind to illicit huge physical gains!

Whether it is our current primary goal or simply the reason we started exercising in the first place; most of us have to admit that at some point in our lives the purpose of going to the gym was purely in the pursuit of vanity… and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

However, the more our training age grows, generally our training goals evolve with them. The reason for this is open to debate; is it (as many of us would like to believe) an increase in knowledge & experience? Is it due to sporting or physical challenges laid in front of us? Or simply the brutal reality of nature catching up with us and forcing us to evolve our training due to pain, restriction & injury? Either way, as much as our training may evolve, deep down we most of us still hold on to that youthful wannabe bodybuilder who first stepped in to the gym with dreams of surpassing the man on the boxer-shorts box. However, just because our goals or modes of training may have evolved from a purely aesthetic orientation, it does not mean that our new training needs to be at the expense of enjoying aesthetic improvements.  This means; if ‘GAINS’ are the goal, they can still be achieved (and in good measure!) whilst reinforcing and improving strength in all of the primary fundamental movements in order to keep us pain free. This way you genuinely can be as fit & healthy as your ripped exterior would suggest. Not to mention retaining the ability to bust-a-move to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ on our 80th Birthday with all of our original Ball & Sockets!

Now, in order to achieve this there are millions of different products, ideas and notions on the market trying to either entice you to become a disciple of theirs or split with your hard-earned money amidst the promise of ‘life changing body transformations!!’. Yet, the simplest and most integral tool in our quests to bettering ourselves; 99% of us do not utilise to its fullest degree – our minds.

I can attest to the effectiveness of unlocking the potential of the mind, both in my own training and with a multitude of clients. There isn’t a magic pill and you’ll have to leave your ego at the door with this type of training, but if you want to make serious physical improvements and aren’t motified by the idea of having 8 press-ups become failure again in order to gain one the most killer chest pumps you’ve ever had in your life. Then read the article below from Dr John Rusin at and start maximising those hours of blood, sweat and toil!

The Science:

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Author - Alex Dorrington - Personal Trainer & Mentor

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