A few weeks ago, we at Graspp Fitness received a question from one of our followers on social media regarding “the best ways to maintain strength & fitness when away on holiday”.

As it’s that time of year, and with many people preparing to go away on their summer holidays, we felt it pertinent to try and tackle this topic at Graspp with as much detail as we could. As a result, 3 of our coaches are coming together, offering their advice on what they like do in order to maintain fitness levels & muscle mass whilst away on their holidays.

Coach Sale’s Holiday Training Recommendations

As per my video, I’ll give a quick rundown of my exercise choices with progressions and options:

  • Upper Body Push.
  • Upper Body Pull.
  • Squat.
  • Glutes.
  • Midsection (core) – anterior and posterior.

Upper Body Push:

  1. Press up.
  2. Press up + isolation pause at the bottom.
  3. Press up (tempo) -> slow down, pause, slow up.

Upper Body Pull:

  1. Banded Pull-Apart
  2. Banded Pull-apart + stand on the band.
  3. Banded Pull-apart + external rotation.


  1. Bodyweight squat.
  2. Bodyweight squat + isolation pause at the bottom.
  3. Bodyweight squat (tempo) -> slow down, pause, slow up.


  1. Quadruped position – external rotation.
  2. Bodyweight glute bridge.
  3. Banded quadruped position – external rotation.
  4. Banded bodyweight glute bridge.

Midsection (core):

  1. Posterior – Bird-Dog
  2. Anterior – Deadbug

Doing these singularly works well. However, you are on holiday and want to spend your time in the sun. Putting these in a circuit will not only save you time but also add a conditioning element. So, here’s a few examples. Remember, watch the video and progress the movements as you need:

  1. Push Up x10.
  2. Bodyweight Squat x15.
  3. Banded Pullapart x20.
  4. Bird-Dog x 6 each side.
  5. Glute bridge x 20.
  6. Deadbug x 6 each side.

Coach D’s Holiday Training Recommendations

There are 3 ways in which to build muscle.

  • Mechanical Tension (Weight)
  • Metabolic Stress (Pump)
  • Muscle Damage (Eccentrics)

Due to the lack of weights and kit generally available on holiday, for the holiday-goers convenience, I have chosen to focus on Metabolic Stress or ‘The Pump’ in this video, to help maintain strength and fitness levels.


1 minute per exercise, 3-times through, moving through the variations with each consecutive lap.

Circuit 1

  • Banded Y, T, A’s.
  • Chest Fly / Press / Squeezes.
  • OH Triceps / Kick Backs / Dips

Circuit 2

  • Single Leg Rows.
  • Lateral Raises.
  • Bicep Curls.


  • Single Leg Chair Squats – 3 x 6-15 each leg


  • Planks: no more than 1 minute, else progress to a more challenging variation.

Stay ripped, stay activated, stay mobile, come back and smash those gains you’ve been striving for!

Coach Craig’s Holiday Training Recommendations

Keep It Simple. Hit this workout, Circuit-Style:

  1. Push-Up Variation (1 x 10, hands elevated, standard or banded)
  2. Pull Variation (1 x 12, row or anti-rotation)
  3. Split Squat Variation (1 x 8 each leg, standard or rear foot elevated)
  4. Hinge Variation (Good Morning, 1 x 15 or Single Leg RDL,1 x 8 each leg)

30 secs rest after each exercise.
2 mins rest after each round.
4 rounds total.

Core: L-Sit – 2 x max time rest 60

Adjust and progress each exercise accordingly so that the numbers stipulated create a decent and desired level of intensity. If its too easy, you’re not training. If it’s too hard, quality will be sacrificed. Find your level and Go Get Some!

Hopefully, you’ve found some of the information in this article helpful. Should you have a question anything health & fitness that you would like our experts to address, then please feel free to contact us at Graspp Fitness and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Stay Strong,

The Graspp Fitness Team.

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